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This is Soma’s Recipe Blog!

Here you can find numerous recipes invented and/or perfected by Soma Nandi over the last 40 years! This is a work in progress so check in regularly for updates and new posts. The recipes are from all corners of the world, with special focus on Indian cuisine. The majority of the Indians dishes are from West Bengal.

Want to make your first chhanar payesh but don’t know how to make chhana? Craving egg curry for dinner but not sure what ingredients to get from the store on the way home? Inviting friends over for some luchi & aloor chorchori but don’t know where to start?

This blog is for you! Gather the ingredients and simply follow along the directions and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal!

Table of Content

Unless otherwise specified, the recipes below are cooked in medium to low heat. If you are cooking on a hotplate it is best to remove the cooking pan from the hotplate after turning off the heat to avoid overcooking from the hot surface.




I learned cooking from my Ma, Grandma, and aunts. My children are learning from me! With this blog, I hope to continue my family’s legacy of fine home cooking for the future generations. It is a continuous process of enriching ourselves with knowledge. It is never too late! We are never too old to learn something new!


The recipes shared here often involve dealing with hot surfaces and spicy ingredients. Be responsible and careful when working in the kitchen and do not use / consume anything you are allergic or sensitive to.