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15 September 2020

Porota / Fried Indian Flatbread


Porota is a very versatile food. Generally, Indian flatbreads can be made using different types of flours like all-purpose, whole wheat, etc. In fact, you can also mix two or three types of flours for experimenting. You can make flavored porota by mixing spices, greens, vegetables, lentils, salt, sugar, etc. in the dough. Just remember that when you’re kneading the dough, adjust the water accordingly. Instead of water, it is also possible to use yogurt, milk, or whey for kneading. Porota can be made in various shapes too! Circles, squares, triangles, all are equally enjoyable and delicious.

This recipe describes a very basic porota which uses equal quantities of whole wheat and all-purpose flours.

Ingredients (for 11-12 porotas)


In a mixing bowl, take the flour, salt, and 2 tbsp of ghee. Incorporate them until the mixture resembles sand. Now add 1/4 cup water and start kneading. According to the flour you are using, you might need 3/4 to 1 cup of water overall. Knead a soft non sticky dough. It should take 5-6 minutes. Cover the dough for 30 minutes. Make around 11-12 small lemon-sized balls and use your two palms to round them until the surface is smooth. Take one ball and cover the rest. Now dust a little flour on a clean and dry counter top. With a rolling pin make a circle of ~ 4 inch diameter from the ball. Spread some oil or ghee on the surface of the circle and dust 1/2 tsp flour evenly on it. Then fold the circle in to half and spread some more oil and dust a little more flour. Finally, fold the half in to a quadrant (a triangle like shape). Now press gently and dust flour on the bottom and top of this small quadrant shaped flat dough. With the rolling pin roll out the triangle to form a bigger triangle (each side should be about 5 - 6 inches long). Heat a frying pan in medium heat and place this uncooked potora in the pan. Wait for about a minute until small bubbles start appearing on the surface of the porota. With a spatula flip it and roast the other side as well. Then brush some ghee on both sides by flipping again. Fry the porota to a golden brown color. Do the same with the remaining dough balls.

Enjoy with cholar dal or any other curry / vegetables!