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14 August 2020

Bonde / Boondi



In a mixing bowl take the besan and 1 tbs oil. Mix it, then add water little at a time. You will need approximately less than 1 cup water. Now add the baking soda and whisk for 5 minutes. To check the consistency, take one spoon of the batter and drop it back in the mixing bowl—it should fall but at the end you will see it is falling drop by drop. At this point, it is ready to go to the hot oil. Meanwhile take a deep frying pan and add oil and turn the heat on. Let it become very hot then turn the heat to medium. You need two jhanjri / jhara (or a perforated ladel). Hold one jhara ladel approximately 8 inches high from the hot oil. Now take one spoon full of batter and slowly pour in to the holes of the jhara. It will start dripping in the oil. Pour at least two three spoons of batter to cover the oil. Now with the other jhara fry the boondi for 3 minutes in medium heat. Carefully check one, if it is crispy take them out and repeat this to fry the rest of the boondi batter. To make the syrup, take 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a large saucepan and boil them to just melt the sugar. Add 1 crushed cardamom. Now pour all the fried boondi in the hot sugar syrup and turn off the heat. Mix gently and cover for 30 minutes. NOTE: you can add some food coloring to the mix to make the boondi colorful!

Enjoy with yogurt or Luchi!