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10 August 2020

Egg Curry

Egg Curry



Peel the eggs and make small holes with a fork. Heat the oil in a deep pan. Add sugar and half of the turmeric. Then add the eggs and potatoes and fry them to light brown. Keep them aside. In the same oil, add cumin, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, and bay leaf. Fry for 30 seconds and then add the onion and ginger garlic paste. Fry them for 5 minutes and then add the tomato. Continue stirring and add salt, the rest of the turmeric, and the chili. For safe frying add a spoon full of water and stir for another 5 minutes. Mix the eggs and potatoes and add 1.5 cups water and let it cook until the gravy looks thick and the potatoes are soft. That’s all!

Enjoy with rice!