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09 September 2020

Shondesh / Soft Paneer Dessert



NOTE: This recipe requires equal quantity of paneer and sugar


In a heavy bottom pan take the chhana and sugar. Mix them with your hand to form a paste (or you can use a hand mixer). This should take 5-7 minutes. Make sure there are no big granules. Now heat the pan along with this paste in low heat. Start stirring with a spatula. Within 2 minutes the sugar will start melting and this will releasing some syrup. Now add the milk powder and stir constantly for about 5 minutes. Be careful because small particles of the mixture might start erupting. Make sure the bottom does not burn. As soon as the mixture starts collecting towards the center of the pan away from the corner, turn off the heat. Mix the cardamom powder and stir everything well. Let it cool for a few minutes. You can make small balls or shape it as you desire.