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21 April 2021

Tapioca and Vegetable Pulao

Tapioca Pulao



Wash the tapioca 4-5 times, then add approximately 1/2 cup and let them soak for 5 hours or overnight. They should be soft and all the water should be absorbed. Cut all the vegetables into very small pieces (pea size). In a heavy bottom pan heat, the oil or ghee and fry the peanuts until light brown and keep them aside. Next fry the curry leaves in low heat until crispy and keep them aside. In the same oil, add cumin and green chili and fry for a minute. Then add all the vegetables except the tomato. In low heat fry them until they become soft. Now add the tomato, ginger, salt, and turmeric, and sauté for a minute. Then add the tapioca. Mix it well and cover it for a minute. Add 2-3 spoons water and cover again. The water will evaporate and the tapioca will become translucent. Mix the curry leaves and peanuts with the tapioca. Sprinkle a little ghee. Done! Enjoy with raita or salad!

Note: If you like coriander leaves, add them at the end!