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12 May 2021

Tangy Mango Candy

Mango Candy



In a heavy bottom pan put the panch phoron and dry red chili, and dry roast them for a minute. Keep it aside to cool and then grind them together to make a powder. Cover and keep this powdered mix aside. In the same pan add the mango pulp, salt, and sugar (or jaggery) and cook them on medium heat. You have to continuously stir the content of the pan to prevent it from getting stuck to the base and burning. Continue cooking this way until the mixture starts becoming like a dough. This is a critical point in the recipe — you will notice that the dough-y mix will no longer stick to the pan; instead it will start coming off the surface. The time really depends on the consistency of the jaggery / pulp, but typically it takes 20-25 min. More than the time, I recommend using the state of the pulp as the guide for this recipe. Now add the ground spices and lemon juice, and mix it well. Turn off the heat. Prepare a plate by spreading a spoon full of oil then immediately pour the hot mixture and spread it out into a 1 cm thick layer. With a spatula, make the mixture smooth and let it cool for 5 hours. Cut it in desired shapes. Enjoy.

Note: You can make your own mango pulp by buying raw mango! Boil them with without peeling until they are soft. Let them cool, then take off the skin and seed, and squeeze like a pulp. To store the candy, wrap them separately or spread a parchment paper in between layers.

NOTE: You can make this candy with just the pulp, sugar, and salt (so no panch phoron, red chili, and lemon juice). See the picture below for what to expect! Mango Candy 2