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21 March 2021

Nimki/ Salty Treats




In a large mixing bowl mix all the dry ingredients well. Then add 3 tbs oil and mix everything for 4-5 minutes, breaking any lumps. Now add water little at a time and make a dough (not too soft not too hard). Knead it for 3-4 minutes and cover. Let it rest for half an hour. Now divide the dough into four equal parts. Use a rolling pin to roll out each part until they are 1/4 centimeters thick. You may dust a little flour to roll easily. Next, take a fork and poke the flattened doughs to make small holes all over them. Now show off your art skills by cutting them into desired shapes (the shape should fit in a 1 inch square). You can try diamond, star, heart, or anything funny! These are your nimkis! Time to fry them. In a heavy bottom pan, heat the remaining 1 cup oil. To check if the oil is ready, drop a pinch of dough — it should start bubbling. Now add small batches of the nimkis into the oil and fry in medium heat until very light brown. Do not over crowd them while frying. Take them out in a paper towel to drain the excess oil. NOTE: Instead of deep-frying, you might want to cook your nimkis in an air fryer or even in your oven. It is definitely a healthier option! Usually I deep-fry them but the picture on the left shows the outcome of using my air fryer. They tasted really good so I highly recommend! Make sure to check after every 2-3 minutes. It took 7-8 minutes in mine but might depending on the machine and temperature.

Let them cool and store in a airtight jar.

Enjoy your nimkis with a hot cup of masala chai!