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18 August 2020

Malai Fulkopi / Creamy Cauliflower



Blanch the florets and let them dry. In a heavy bottom large pan heat the oil and 1 tsp ghee. Then add cumin seeds, bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, clove and cardamom. In medium heat fry them for 30 seconds, a nice aroma will fill your kitchen. Time to add ginger, tomato, green chili and salt. Mix them and stir occasionally until all the tomatoes become soft and mushy. Now add the cashew paste and raisins. Mix it well. Then add all the remaining vegetables and let them cook for few minutes. To make it creamy, add milk and cream. Cook till you like the consistency of your gravy, it should be semi dry. Drizzle ghee and cover the lid.

Serve hot with your favorite carb :)